Bungee Swing - 8mm

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These are so much fun!!! But also a great piece of equipment for working in core strength and vestibular/proprioceptive input.

Use in prone (on tummy) with the child having to 'pounce' out to get to their favourite toy.
Use in supine (on bottom) and the child can bounce up and down or try and keep rhythm by having them push off of large gym ball held in place 

Can be hung on one point for intense vestibular/rotary input, or more controlled input when hung on two points.

Attach the bungee to the swing by clipping onto the metal rings, or loop it through the ring for a shorter, more intense input.

Swing comes with bungee swing seat, two bungee cords and 4 metal carabiners.

Size: 8mm bungee cord
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Has the effect of a punching bag without violence ! 5 product stars
"We use this swing as a calmer when my little fellas worked up... If he lays belly down on it and I put toys just out of reach, and his challenge is to get the item which moves further and further away each time. We've started using it out the back with a climbing frame too so he has to get to the frame then climb too which is awesome but of course safety measures are put in place. You need to warn the child not to let the swing slip out from under their legs as it flings back so need to be careful - we are one light globe short now ! Great for heavy work, has the effect of a punching bag without teaching them violence." Sharon - 1/04/2014
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