Climagel Weighted Blanket - Size 5 - 8kg PRE ORDER

Product Code: CMG8000
Brand: SensaMart
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Weighted Blanket - Size 4

  • Size 5 - 8.0kg - 140cm by 200cm
  • Weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket and not concentrated in only one part of the blanket
  • The Climagel Weighted Blanket has been years in the making and was developed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who is trained in Sensory Integration therapy.

  • Fully removable Winter/Summer cover for washing and the Gel filled blanket itself can be easily wiped clean with a sponge

  • Entire blanket can be gently heated by placing in a clothes dryer for 2-3 mins, but not above 60 degrees

  • For those clients who overheat easily, the gel blanket can be cooled in a freezer for those hot summer nights where weight is still desired to sleep, however the new cool gel formula will remain cool on its own for up to 2 hours

Weighted blankets have long been used with children and adults with a range of diagnosis including ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, those on the Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Dementia or anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression. The use of a weighted blanket is to increase deep pressure input to the body, which in turn facilities the release of chemicals from the brain which calm and relax you. Deep pressure input causes Dopamine and Serotonin to be released from the brain to help calm the nervous system. By having a good balance of serotonin in the brain, this can help regulate all other brain chemistry and keep a neutral and relaxed learning state.  Research and experience has shown that the weight should be approximately 10 % of a childs body weight to be effective. This is just a guide however, as each individual is different. Some may like their blankets heavier and some may prefer them lighter. A weighted blanket however should never be used as a restraint, should never be used to wrap the client or child up in, and should never cover the client/child's face. For safety reasons, a weighted blanket should NEVER be used with an individual unless they can independently remove the blanket themselves when needed.

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