Rainy Day Indoor 4-Piece Combination Kit

Product Code: RD4PCCOMB
Brand: Playaway Toy Co
Product Condition: New


Our Rainy Day Indoor Combo Kit gives your child three wonderful ways to have fun indoors. Your child can swing to their hearts content with the Strap Swing, hang like a circus star with the Trapeze Bar and cuddle with you or their favorite toy in the Net Swing.

$399.00 inc. tax

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Daughter loves it 4 product stars
"We bought this for my daughter who has Down syndrome. She absolutely loved it, but it requires screwing into the doorframe which we cannot do in our current rental house. So it has been in the wardrobe for 2 years unused. We ended up buying a different brand from the US that doesn't require screws. Also the swing seat tends to bunch up which is a problem as it then left red marks across her legs because it wasn't spread out properly. However, if you own your home and can out in the screws, this system can stay in place when you shut the door, which the new one I got cannot. So that's something worth keeping in mind. Also this system has more options like the toddler swing and glider swing." Carolyn - 26/11/2017
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